Sad Santa Day: December 26th

December 26, 2012

It’s December 26th and all the the presents have been handed out, toys unwrapped and the stockings unhung from the chimney with care. Today can be a sad day as we start to say good-bye to Christmas.

If you think you are bummed out today, think how Santa feels?! He flew all over the world handing out presents to good boys and girls and now he has to wait an entire year to do his beloved job again. 364 days until Christmas next year is a super long time! December 26th truly is Sad Santa Day. After all your toys have been played with and all the cookies have been eaten, think about how sad Santa feels today. How can you cheer up your dear friend Santa?

Today is the perfect time to thank Santa. Below is a template for a postcard you can print and mail directly to Santa to tell him how much you loved all the Christmas presents he brought you this year or feel free to make and send your own thank you card. A thank you will surly cheer up our friend Sad Santa on this saddest of days, December 26th.

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays everyone and learn more about Sad Santa in bookstores now!